Fresh Sourdough

A miracle that happens every day

Points of primary strength of the company's advanced expertise in Natural Leavening combined with production procedures, process and exclusive mix, which can handle the “sourdough”, and, at the same time, the richest and finest ingredients. The "Sourdough", entirely self-produced since over 40 years, gives the product extraordinary features including unequaled taste, aroma and softness. Thanks to this ancient tradition we obtain more delicate doughs, rich in aromas, since the slow rising, enriched by a set of natural enzymes, develops precious bouquets which improve the dough and make it as what it used to be. The "mother" yeast, with all the care it deserves, is subjected to a considerate refreshing treatment, up to a complete maturation, of more than 36 hours before being sent on to blend with the dough ingredients. The result is a good tasting assortment - more digestible - fragrant for longer time.

What is Sourdough?

Natural yeast, also called Sourdough, is a mixture of flour, water and sugars, which, mixed among themselves and constantly refreshed, are able to initiate fermentation by determining the swelling characteristic. This fermentation has the visible effect of carbon dioxide production, which causes an increase in dough volume producing the characteristic internal alveolation. Once obtained, the mother dough is kept alive and reproduced by means of further refreshments, i.e. periodic mixtures with certain quantities of fresh flour and water. In fact, the micro-organisms which its made of, need to be constantly fed and put in condition to reproduce.

The benefits of sourdough

  • Higher Appreciation

  • Improved digestibility

  • Increased shelf life

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