Innate passion towards a common goal: to enable our consumers to rediscover the goodness and wholesomeness of high quality Italian pastry.

Both a sweet and savory assortment, broad and constantly evolving, able to cover 24 hour consumption The unique Natural Leavening and flaky pastry processes allow us to obtain better tasting products, more digestible, and with an extraordinary and long lasting crispness. An innovative and proactive R & D with pilot production lines and more than 50 new products developed every year. A computerized System of traceability. The use of margarine without hydrogenated fats, absence of GMO and identification of allergens. High quality standards sealed by the best International certifications: industrial, environmental and social responsibility. The use of PALM FREE margarines.These are just some of the aspects that made Fresystem a reference point for all operators in the sector.

Fresystem spa - Fine italian pastry