Years of experience in the manufacturing of leavened dough. More than 200 standard products developed, numerous variations and possible customizations.

The YEAST used:

Brewer’s Yeast (in jargon also called chemical).
Used by the vast majority of producers. It confers to the product a yield and an average fragrance quality depending on the manufacturing processes used.

Natural yeast (also called “SOURDOUGH”)
Exclusive Fresystem know how, gives the product an excellent quality both in terms of flavor and digestibility and storage after cooking. The kinds of “FATS” used in stratification:

  • Margarine
  • Butter
  • “Touch of Italian butter”, in other words blends of margarine and butter which give our products a balanced flavor, in line with the unique characteristics of a good Italian breakfast.

Our production process is able to monitor Natural Yeast and, at the same time, the richest ingredients and the finest finishes, ensuring differentiation on the markets.