Flaky Pastry


Flaky Pastry

Un’ampia gamma prontocottura che si caratterizza per l’estrema delicatezza, fragranza e leggerezza.

Gli impianti produttivi a disposizione consentono di lavorare insieme impasti esclusivi e mix diversificati di materie grasse, dal “tutto burro” al “melange”, dal “tocco di burro all’italiana” all’utilizzo di sola margarina.

Keyword: LAYERING.

The manufacturing facilities available allow us to work together exclusive and different mixes of fat, from “all butter” to “melange”, from the “touch of Italian butter” to the use of only margarine. The high technological standard of the lines allows us to layer dough and fatty matters, up unto more than 100 thin layers. The unique mode of processing the mixtures means that the layers obtained (even though copious) always remain perfectly intact and distinct from one another until cooked. The surprising result is that the products are low-fat in taste, acquiring those characteristics of lightness, peeling, softness and crispness distinctive to the entire Fresystem product range. The versatility of our production lines also allows us to give a large variety of shapes to the product, so as to differentiate them in identifying dimensions, cuts, blends, mixtures and finishing. All products are suitable for different consumption requirements relying on, as a basis, a sweet dough (breakfast, coffee break, dessert) or a savory (finger food, drink, quick snack).